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Deep, authoritative, legendary, mature male voices similar to those oflegendary actors James Earl JonesDon PardoBill Kurtis, and Don LaFontaine seem to be making a comeback after a long break. Those voices are memorable. They're believable. And with boomers and Gen Xers having more disposable income than today's millenials, advertisers are finally recognizing the value of the trust found in a mature voice. Voice actor Chuck "Fresh" Graudins has become the heir apparent to the mature male voice throne. With his golden throat and a terrific personality, many producers are putting Fresh at the forefront of their Rolodex when it comes to male voice talents.

Unfortuantely, with the conversion of audio recording from expensive analog to more affordable digital audio studios, barriers to a career in voiceovers have been shattered. That's great for some, but amateur voice talents have flooded the market with poor enunciation, a lack of energy, and terrible acting skills. Chuck is a retired radio and nightclub DJ formerly known as Chuck Fresh, known worldwide for his announcer voice featured on the radio, in documentaries, and in commercials from Alabama to Alaska. In addition to his trademark announcer voice, Chuck has been quietly developing an entire stable of character, video game, and animation voices over the past thirty years. From cartoons to average folk, commercials, film trailers, podcasts, documentaries, audiobooks, intros, outtros, and more, this talented voice actor guarantees you'll get exactly what you want. Chuck records in his own digital studio for very reasonable prices with no added studio charges, so you'll always stay within budget.

Since puberty, Chuck has been doing character voices. In 1984, as a nightclub DJ, Chuck began doing radio commercials for nightclubs and bars in the Philadelphia area. He was a DJ at a few radio stations in Philadelphia while attending Temple University in the 1980s. Although it was Chuck's dream to become a radio DJ. he was making five times more in nightclubs, with better hours and better perqs. Chuck retired from being a DJ in 1998 when he took a job with Time Life Music as their Media and Internet manager. Chuck ran out of Time in 2000 for Florida, and he began selling his voice full-time. Chuck was one of the first voice talents with a completely digital studio. When the radio industry collapsed in the mid-2000s, the voice talent industry became oversaturated with ex-DJs, so Chuck retired and opened Computer Care Clinic in Melbourne. Now that the dust has settled, Chuck has warmed up his voice once again, and has actively become a leading voice talent.

Besides Chuck's legendary announcer voice, he does a few impersonations including Don LaFontaine, James Earl Jones, Bill Kurtis, and Casey Kasem. Chuck has done cartoon voices for The Cartoon Network, an Australian accent for an Aussie clothing company, and even performed an Indian accent for a telemarketing training program... in India. Chuck has been cast in several video games and small movies too. Oh, and he sings too. Chuck fronts the country music project Jake McGrew and the alternative rock back Font. See and for that craziness. Have a look at our short demo video below for a small sample of the breadth of voices and deliveries Chuck is capable of delivering. Then browse the rest of our website for other characters, vocal deliveries, impersonations, and samples. When you're ready, shoot us an email or voice mail at the contact information above or on our contact page. Same day and 24 hour delivery is available at a nominal charge. Thank you for visiting Florida Voice Talent!

Tips on Hiring a Voice Talent.

The voice of your project will convey confidence and hopefully inspire trust, so the right voice is critically important. The voice of your project is your human ambassador, so make sure it sounds exactly as you planned. Always get several auditions for your project, and have everyone on your team have a listen. Solicit opinions from all ages and levels. Today, with all the voice talent farm websites, there are thousands of male and female voice talents all competing for your attention. Unfortunately, as you've probably surmised, only a small handful of them are truly talented. Only a subset of that handful of voice talents are willing to work hard to make sure you get what you want. Forget these one-take primadonnas who think they know your project better than you do. Chuck will re-do your voice several times until you think it's perfect. Any reputable voice talent will provide a short custom audition and a brief note as an introduction that will state his or her terms and policies.

You have to be an actor and possess considerable emulation skills to become a character. Most voice talents have one single flat, boring delivery, and that's it. It's important to have character and inflection in a voice part in order to capture the attention of your audience. Make sure you hire a voice actor who can morph into a superhero. The absolute worst thing you can do is hire a voice talent who doesn't care about your project. A flat, generic, monotone voice will probably not convey the message you want to send to your audience. Listen to a few minutes of radio or television commercials with your eyes closed, and you'll hear the majority of voice talents don't sound convincing or excited. The voices that stand out are animated and sound happy and convinced! That's what a great voice actor like Chuck can bring to your project.

An audition will also provide a feel for the quality of the recording you'll receive from his or her audition. Voice recording equipment is nearly all digital and is very reasonably priced today, so there's no excuse for poor audio quality. The most expensive and important part of the studio is the microphone, which is responsible for capturing the true tones, feel, emotion, and harmonics of a voice. We're using Shure and Neumann mics for the best possible sound. Additionally, we have wonderful post-production digital imagers, exciters, reverbs, harmonizers, pitch shifters, tube effects, and thousands of other effects to achieve the warmth and clarity you'll need for a quality finished product.

If your budget is an issue, meaning you don't have one, that's no biggie either. We now offer a few choices via Short voice recordings in several character voices are now available for as little as five dollars.

Voice Actor Standing By.

Our mics are warmed up and ready to go. Whether you're looking for an authoritative announcer who can stop an entire audience in their tracks – or someone who could calm a child to sleep with a story, we've got a voice for you. From mild to wild, Chuck has a vocal delivery for any situation you could imagine. Have a listen to the scores of our demos throughout the pages of this website. Save them, share them, add them to your next hip-hop track if you so desire. Simply click on any of the underlined text on any of these pages to listen to sample voices. Custom demos are available to established clients. When you're ready, holler at us at chuck at chuckfresh or jingle 321.917.4300 for your next voice talent project. Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to working with you.